Mar 2015

Taking Cocktails to New Heights


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On Air Dining has launched a new flash card in its popular series for flight attendants to serve luxury cocktails that look and taste just as good as they would on the ground!

The simple to follow flash card, which accompanies the freshest ingredients and even a Martini Glass, inspires a beautifully crafted cocktail with attention to detail on how to serve for maximum appeal.

From how to defrost the cocktail fully to how to position the garnish skin side up, the four step process outlined on the flash card is for flight attendants to follow and guarantee a beautiful cocktail creation.

Daniel Hulme says: “The aim of the new flash card is to ensure flight attendants can serve luxury cocktails as if they were made in any high-end chic bar. The quality and freshness of the ingredients used is highly appealing to us and will be, we hope, to our customers.”

“The concept and the flash card sits very well with the On Air Dining philosophy in making sure every aspect of the cocktail is considered to be as easy as possible to create, and is part of our continual aim to offer clients even more options when it comes to their luxury in-flight experience.”

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